5 Spring Checks For Your Rental Property

As we begin to get to the end of the winter months and head into spring, thinking about some simple, preventative property maintenance is important. Doing so should stop problems occurring later on and can help keep your overheads down as a landlord.

Here we take a look at 5 quick checks that are worth doing on your rental property as we move into March and April.

Clear the Gutters

This is one area that often gets ignored, especially on rental properties. As long as you don’t mind heights, it’s a good idea to get up a ladder and check that all your guttering is in good condition and clear of any debris. If heights aren’t your thing, it’s worth hiring someone to do it for you.

Should you spot any signs of wear and tear or cracks, repairing now can save a lot of trouble.

Blockages are likely to build up over the winter because there’s plenty of debris flying around. Leaving these can mean that water pools and falls in the wrong place, potentially causing damage to areas like the fascia and walls.

Check Your Roof

After the inclement weather of the winter, it’s also important to check the roof in general, replace any missing tiles and make sure there is no other damage.

Whether you have wood or uPVC fascia and soffits, have a closer look to make sure there are no repairs needed. With wooden fascia, this includes checking for where the paintwork might need stripping and repainting.

Look For External Damage and Clear the Garden

Once you’ve done the roof and guttering, you should also check the external walls for any cracks or other potential problems. That includes there’s no problem with external pipes.

You can then widen this to the wider garden. Are the paths in good condition? Do the flower beds require clearing? Is it time to give the garden fence a new coat of paint?

Inspect Windows and Doors

Depending on the type of doors or windows you have, you may find different types of damage. Check the door and window seals first to make sure they don’t need replacing. Give any woodwork a closer inspection to see if there is any damage. If there is, make sure you repair and reseal as soon as possible.

If you have uPVC fittings, giving these a wipe over can make your property looks more attractive from the outside.

Carry Out Safety Checks

Spring is also a good time to make sure all your safety checks are done. That includes perhaps changing the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and ensuring these are working properly. You might want to do PAT testing on any electrical properties and have a quick look around the property to ensure that no plug sockets are being overloaded. It’s also a good opportunity to check for other problems such as damp.

Even if there is only minor damage spotted on your rental property, both inside and out, it can be worthwhile getting the repairs done now before they potentially get worse and cause other problems and greater cost later on.

Maintaining your property as a landlord is part of your legal duty but it can be time-consuming. At Graham & Co we provide a full lettings and property management service to landlords across Andover and Whitchurch.

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