Creating Kerb Appeal Can Boost Interest In Your Property

When you are selling your home, you really want to give yourself every chance to attract as many potential buyers as possible. At Graham & Co, we work closely with sellers in the Andover and Whitchurch area to make sure they tick as many boxes as possible when it comes to their property desirability.

Some things such as the location and size of the home, sellers can’t do much about. There are plenty of areas where changes can be made, however, and one of the most important of these is kerb appeal.

What is Kerb Appeal?

Psychologists say that we tend to settle on a first impression when we meet someone and it takes about 7 seconds. The same principle can be applied to your home. If someone walks or drives past or visits your property, their first impression is formed from seeing the outer shell – the garden, the walls, the roof, the doors and windows.

This is what we mean by kerb appeal and it can make a huge difference in how potential buyers engage with the home that you are trying to sell.

Tips For Improving Kerb Appeal

Start by standing outside your property and take a look at it from a buyers point of view.

  • Does your home look inviting?
  • Are there aspects that turn you off?
  • What could you change to make it more appealing?

Check the windows, doors and walls for any structural damage. Areas like the fascia and soffits might need a coat of paint, for example, especially if they are made of wood. There might be slates loose or missing which need to be replaced.

The front door is particularly important. It’s the portal to your home, after all. If you have a PVC door, then a good clean to bring up the shine can help. If it’s wooden, a fresh coat of paint is a good idea.

People will tend to look at doors and windows from two angles. Are they secure? Are they energy efficient? Old double glazing may be turnoff mainly because the new buyer will have to spend money replacing it.

The garden is another important element when it comes to kerb appeal. If you have a paved garden, adding some colour with plant pots will make a huge difference. Keeping your garden looking groomed and neat, the grass mown, the bushes trimmed and so on gives the right impression to prospective buyers and is the bare minimum.

Don’t underestimate what a splash of colour can do to improve how the front of your house looks to people passing by. Adding some attractive lighting will make a difference at night and don’t forget about how your living room comes across – let potential buyers look through the window and see a warm, comfortable space.

Finally, don’t forget the road outside of your property. Yes, you may think it’s the council’s problem to deal with rubbish or mess that accumulates in the gutter or outside the gate.

That’s what you pay your council tax for. But you’re trying to sell your property and you can’t rely on the sweeper van to pass by just when you need it. A quick brush of the path and road outside your home is worth the effort.

If you are planning on selling your property in Andover or Whitchurch, work with the experts at Graham & Co, the local estate agents that understand what buyers are looking for.