Do Pet Owners Make Good Tenants?

Pets can be an issue for some landlords when it comes to letting out their properties. Some don’t mind them, others absolutely refuse to take tenants that have a dog or cat or any other four-legged creature.

The biggest concerns are that the dog or cat might damage the fixtures and fittings. A cat might be a nuisance to neighbours, for example, if it starts marking out its territory next door. A dog that barks all the time while it’s owners are away could be a nightmare. Then there’s the smell that’s left on the carpets and furniture.

The truth is that many tenants own pets and one of their biggest concerns is finding a landlord who is willing to accept them. Most pet owners look after their animals well and are likely to stick around longer, especially when they have found a landlord who accepts them. For landlords, that could significantly reduce turnover and time spent when a property is empty.

If you are letting a property, of course, you have the choice of which pets you want to allow and those which you don’t. You could stipulate no dogs or only dogs of a certain breed or size.

Our Tips If You Are Thinking of Accepting Pets

  • First, make sure that you have a suitable property for the animal. A house is okay for dogs and cats but the top floor of a block of flats may not be. If you have a small flat you might not want a big animal or one that is too noisy.
  • You can no longer hike up the security deposit to cover you for any potential damage the animal might cause. That’s because the Tenant’s Fees Act 2019 has come into effect.
  • It’s probably advisable to put an additional pet clause into your tenancy agreement, however, even if you do think everything will be okay. It simply covers you for any future problems.

Taking tenants who own pets doesn’t have to be a problem. Most owners look after them well and can often take a lot more care of a property compared to those without a pet. If you’ve previously ignored this section of the rental market, it might be time to rethink your approach. You could be pleasantly surprised.

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