Electrical Safety Inspections to be Mandatory in England

If you are a landlord in England, there are moves by the Government to introduce regular inspections for all electrical installations from July this year. That legislation is set to make testing compulsory and will involve carrying out checks every five years to ensure that electrical components are safe.

The changes to the rules for landlords have already been put forward and we are currently waiting for parliamentary approval. There is no reason to think that these new regulations will not go through and they should come into force halfway through the year.

Landlords and letting agents need to be aware of this and ensure they are able to comply with the regulations. That means finding a suitable, qualified individual or company to carry out the inspection.

Landlords are already required by law to ensure that they provide a property that is safe to live in. This legislation formalises the requirements with relation to electrical safety.

What Mandatory Electrical Safety Inspections Mean

The rules apply to all tenancies in England. Private landlords and letting agents that are setting up a new tenancy from 1st July this year will need to carry out a full electrical safety inspection on the property, prior to the tenant moving in.

If problems are found, they will need to be put these right. The inspection must be carried out by a qualified professional electrician.

A safety report will be produced and this may raise issues and state that further inspections will be required at certain periods. If there are no problems, then the landlord will need to carry out another inspection within a five year period.

If you are a landlord with an existing tenancy already underway, you will have more time to comply with the new legislation, however, the electrical safety inspection should be carried out no later than 1st April 2021.

The aim of this legislation is to improve safety standards across the private rental sector in England. This is something that many landlords already do as a matter of good practice but putting it into law helps create a level playing field and basic standard that all can adhere to.

Failure to undertake these safety checks could see landlords fined up to £30,000.

What Landlords Need to Do

There has been some discussion on the number of qualified electricians who are going to be willing to carry out tests such as these and what that will involve.

It’s important that landlords begin to prepare and put in place plans to make sure they meet the deadlines, especially if they have a number of properties. Landlords will also need to factor the extra cost into their operation.

How Graham & Co Can Help

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