Graham & Co Estate Agency Team Raise Funds for Andover Food Bank

Graham & Co Raise ‘Pen-y’s’ for Local Food Bank With Welsh Mountain Climb

The team at Graham & Co Estate Agents in Andover will be setting off on a day hike up the famous Pen-y-Fan peak in the heart of the Brecon Beacons in Wales on 10th January 2021, in order to raise funds for the Andover Food Bank which is supported by the Trussell Trust.

In 2020, food banks have been in high demand whilst many families have suffered as a result of the pandemic and lockdown restrictions. The Andover Food Bank provides emergency food packages for families in crisis and has been a lifeline to many people in the community. The Graham & Co team would like to help the Food Bank continue their work supporting those in need by raising as much as they can in the run-up to their trip in January.

Pen-y-Fan is the tallest peak in South Wales and stands at 886m (2906ft) above sea level, presenting a challenging trek through the Welsh landscape. Whilst the hike can be completed in many ways, the team at Graham & Co are committing to take the most challenging route, which is a 24km SAS selection challenge called the ‘Fan Dance’ race through the collection of peaks that surround Pen-y-Fan and involves a lot of up-hill climbing. According to the Fan Dance Challenge website, ‘The infamous march is the world’s oldest Special Forces test and is used as the first major indicator of whether a candidate has the physical and mental aptitude to complete the legendary Selection course.’

Seven members of the Graham & Co team are committed to completing the grueling challenge and are self-funding the trip so that all funds raised will go straight to the Andover Food Bank. Wayne Turpin, director of Graham & Co who is leading the team trek, said:

‘We have been planning the trip for a while but lockdown in 2020 put our plans on hold until we could find a more suitable time to complete the trip, so we will be looking to complete the 2020 Winter Series, delivered by AEE.

We are all excited to get out into the great outdoors and put ourselves through our paces, to raise money for a good cause. We are all about supporting families and we hope that we can inspire as much support for the Andover Foodbank as possible. For those that cannot offer financial support, we hope that they can still help by sharing the event on Facebook and offer a food donation to the Foodbank when they are in a position to in the future. We are so grateful for the support of our families, friends and clients so far!’

The team will be heading to Wales on 10th January 2021 and you can donate by visiting their Give As You Live page and sharing via social media. Find the link and follow the event progress on Graham & Co Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also read more about the route and the AEE Fan Dance Winter Series race here:

Search on Facebook: Graham & Co - Fan Dance Race SAS Challenge for Andover Food Bank

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