Green Homes Grant in the UK – How does it work?

As part of the £2billion Green Homes Grant announced by chancellor Rishi Sunak back in August 2020, more than 600,000 homeowners including buy-to-let landlords will be able to apply for a grant to help cover the cost of making energy-efficient improvements to their properties and help make more homes ‘greener’ across the UK.

Who is eligible for the Green Homes Grant funding?

If you are a homeowner in the UK, including a landlord who rents to tenants, you can apply for funding towards the energy-efficient improvements to your property. Matt Clemow, CEO of energy company Igloo, said:

“The grant covers a wide number of improvements you can make. You’d be able to use the money for insulation, including wall, under-floor, and roof insulation, low carbon heating technologies such as air source and ground source heat pumps, as well as solar thermal systems.
“Once you’ve received the initial voucher, you can apply for an additional one which will contribute to extra energy-efficient home improvements, such as double or triple glazing, energy-efficient doors, heating controls such as thermostats, insulation for your hot water tank and draft proofing.
“Anyone who is a homeowner or landlord in England can apply as long as the property isn’t a recent new build. If you live in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland there are other options available to help you make these improvements.”

How much money can you claim from the Green Homes Grant?

Most homeowners will be able to claim up to a £5,000 voucher towards the cost of making their property more energy-efficient, but some people on low incomes may be able to claim up to £10,000. The government has indicated in the past that they wish for all properties, especially rental properties, to have a rating that is D or higher for energy efficiency before 2025, with the ultimate goal being a C rating by 2030.

These changes could save the average household around £600 per year on their bills by making low carbon heating improvements and a range of secondary improvements such as:

  • Draught-proofing
  • Double/triple glazing (where replacing single glazed windows)
  • Secondary glazing (in addition to single glazing)
  • External energy-efficient doors (replacing single glazed or solid doors installed before 2002)
  • Heating controls
  • Hot water tank thermostats and insulation

How do you apply for the Green Homes Grant funding?

In order to apply, you must fill in a form online and get a quote from a tradesperson for the work that is required for your home. If you are receiving benefits or on a low income, you should have information about this to hand when you apply as you may be eligible for additional funding up to £10,000. Follow these steps and take advantage of this funding opportunity:

  1. Check if you’re eligible for a voucher
  2. Check what improvements may be suitable for your home
  3. Choose which improvements you would like and see an estimate of how much they may cost
  4. Find registered installers to get quotes to carry out the work
  5. Apply for your voucher

Find out more information on the government website by clicking here.

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