Hampshire Among Top Counties for Festive Street Names

As well as being a beautiful place to live, it seems that Andover and the rest of Hampshire have a sense of humour when it comes to road names. With Christmas on the approach and whilst thinking of the Andover Town Plans announced earlier this year, we thought we should take a look at some of the more popular, cheeky and festive road names in and around Andover in Hampshire.  

We wonder if any of the new Andover Town Plans will add any new and interesting road names which follow this theme?  

Festive Road Names 

In 2015, a survey found that Hampshire was one of the leading counties in the UK to have the most Christmas themed place names.  

With road names including?Holly Road, Mistletoe Road, Christmas Avenue?and?Rudolph Court, Hampshire is the most Christmas-friendly county, followed by Surrey, Essex, Hertfordshire, and Kent. Lancashire is the most festive Northern counties, which features at number 11 in the chart with 885 variations. 

So, if you are a fan of Christmas and you want to find out more about properties on these road names when they come up – get in touch and we will do our best to keep you up to date!  

Rude Street Names 

As well as being the leader for festive place names, Andover also has its fair share of questionable street signs which some may find amusing. Interestingly, some of these place names are said to have an increased value attached to them. In the South East of England, ‘Hoe’ is the most popular and can have an average value increase of £205,000. 

English people seemed to find rude street names much more valuable than the residents in the other UK nations. 

In Scotland, rude names only increased property values by £823, while in Northern Ireland and Wales it decreases property values; by £3,800 in Northern Ireland and by approximately £30,000 in Wales. 

Here are a few examples of some local places around Andover that you may recognise:  

  • Butt Close, Ludgershall, £284,368 
  • Butt Street, Ludgershall, £324,570 
  • Honey Bottom, Upper Chute, £429,485 
  • Weyhill bottom, Weyhill, £429,485 
  • Nap Close - This sleepy street has an average house price of £263,044 
  • Whynot Lane - This is the only street in Britain with this name making it unique which may explain why it is more expensive than the rude named ones £471,232. 

I think it is safe to say that we may not look at these places in the same way again! Who knew that English humour could have such an impact on house prices…?  

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