Online Vs Traditional Estate Agent For Finding Your Dream Property

Being able to go online whenever we want and having the chance to connect in different ways has transformed the way we all communicate and the information we have access to.

But is it better to find the property you want or even sell your home via an online service? Or should you still be using a traditional bricks and mortar high street estate agent?

Here’s our take on the issue.

The Value of an Agent Who Knows The Area

It’s pretty simple to set up an online estate agency – all you really need to do is attract buyers and sellers to your site. That means quality can be sometimes an issue. The high street estate agent has a distinct advantage here in that they operate in the area where you are thinking of buying or selling your property and they know it well.

That expertise is important and one that online agencies don’t always provide. Yes, some do use local experts to help realistically value properties but they don’t have the established presence and hard-earned knowledge that bricks and mortar estate agents bring to the table.

A high street estate agent will also know what’s going on in the area, the best places to set up home and where all the local amenities are.

Putting a Face to Your Estate Agent

If you’re making a big investment like buying a house, you want to be confident that the person handling it for you is capable and professional. Online estate agents are often nothing more than faceless portals where you are never quite sure who you are dealing with.

With traditional agents, you can pop into the office when you need to and build a rapport. A high street estate agent is able to give you recommendations and explore ideas in a more organic way than if you were purely doing things online. That can increase your options and confidence in what you are doing.

Trust and Reliability

The chances are that your high street estate agent has already been established for a while and has a track record of delivering for their clients, whether selling a property or hoping to buy.

Not only is this pretty easy to check it makes it easier to build up a rapport and get a sense of their reliability. The fact that you have someone you can meet face to face means you should be able to build up a greater level of trust too.

A Full Range of Services

Online services can be limited, leaving you with the job of handling many aspects of the property sale, including viewings.

High street agents have a good deal of experience and deliver more in the way of services, including negotiating any deal. It’s a hands-on approach that many buyers appreciate.

High Street Estate Agents Are Online Too

Finally, all reputable high street agents are also online. They know the value of being able to reach out to clients wherever they are.

That means you can search a local agent’s site and find properties up for sale, see all the details and book a viewing, just like you can with any other online estate agency. The difference is that you can also go out to meet and get to know them.

If you are searching for properties in Andover or Whitchurch, pay a visit to Graham & Co today. We’re an established estate agency with a track record for delivering for our clients.