Open House Events for Vendors at Graham & Co


Selling a house in the current climate can prove difficult which is why it’s important to work with an estate agent that knows your area well. The market has certainly stagnated in recent times because of Brexit but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to sell a property.

There are still buyers out there and you shouldn’t put off placing your property on the market.

One increasingly popular way to sell properties is to set up an open house event. It’s something that the team at Graham & Co have helped a number of vendors organise and has proved very successful over the last few years.

What Are Open House Events?

This is where your house is opened up to invited buyers to view on a particular day. The event normally takes place over a couple of hours and essentially means that you have a number of potential buyers visiting your property in a very short space of time.

Viewers then bid on the property and the vendor can then consider the offers and often reach a much higher selling price. Open house events are often sold to vendors as the quick way to sell your property and this can be the case. There are however plenty of other benefits of doing things this way.

The Benefit of Open House Events

The first is that you can prepare you home better for the viewing and just disappear for a few hours rather than being drip-fed potential buyers over a longer period of time. If everything goes well, you have a one-off, bulk viewing of your property and are able to find the right buyer who is willing to meet your price.

Yes, you can generate interest in your property over a short period of time which can often lead to a quicker sale than operating in the normal way. That shouldn’t be your primary motivation, however. It’s important to work with an estate agent that can help you achieve the selling price that you are looking for.

Bidding wars can often occur if you have desirable property that a number of people are interested in. This can mean you end up getting great offers, even if the housing market is stagnant at the moment.

Why Choose Graham & Co?

The key to organising an open house event is to make sure that you get the right potential buyers to the property in the first place. This usually means working with an estate agent that has a real understanding of the location and is able to attract the right people who are looking to purchase a home sooner rather than later.

At Graham & Co, we’ve successfully run numerous open house events in the Andover and Whitchurch area. Our experienced team will work with you to organise the best time to run your event and make sure that we generate a high level of interest from potential buyers.

If you would like to find out how we can help, contact Graham & Co today