What Happens During a Property Valuation?

If you’re looking to sell your home, you might be wondering what happens during a property valuation. Here, we share an overview of what you can expect.

1. You’ll need to prepare your property for a valuation

Before your property valuation is carried out, you’ll need to prepare your home to ensure that the process runs smoothly. Decluttering rooms and having a general tidy up will maximise available space and ensure that the property looks spacious.

You should also have any paperwork related to the property, such as building plans, available in case you’re asked any questions. Finally, you should write up a list of any queries you have around the sales process so you can tick these off with the agent when they visit.

2. The estate agent will inspect your property

The main step of a house valuation involves your chosen estate agent coming out to inspect your property. They will act much like a potential buyer would and will take a look at each room and the exterior of the building. The location and size of your property will be taken into consideration, as will any possible development work that could be carried out – such as extensions.

The agent will look out for any issues, including damp or any obvious structural damage, that could impact on the price of the property. One of the main areas an agent will do is to talk you through the market conditions and chat you through the selling process which the agent you choose will be with you all the way to guide and steer through the journey.

3. You’ll receive the valuation

The valuation you receive will be based on the property itself, the location it’s in and how desirable it is, and how much similar properties have sold for in the area. Valuating a property isn’t an exact science, and house prices fluctuate over time, but by choosing an estate agent that knows the area well you can be confident that they’ll have the knowledge required to make a well-informed estimate.

As Graham & Co are the market leaders in the area by a country mile, they will have the best knowledge and experience to be accurate on the value.

Now that you know what happens during a property valuation, contact us to arrange yours if you’re looking to sell a property in the Whitchurch or Andover area.